Maintenance & Warranty

Curing Time

1. Epoxy countertop will be dry to the touch in 24 hours. Keep the curing epoxy in a dust-free environment above 65 F degrees. You can begin light use in 72 hours, use caution, do not slide plates and keep heavier items off the freshly curing epoxy countertops. The epoxy will be very hard in 7 days.

2. Dust once a week. The best way to maintain your epoxy top is to run a soft cloth over it once a week. This removes dirt and dust gently, which prevents scratches and protects your countertops. 

3. Clean spills immediately with a soft cloth. Oil, chemicals, or even just water left to sit for too long can damage your epoxy top. Clean any spills as soon as you see them using a soft towel or cloth. You can use a gentle cleanser--such as Windex--if a spill is sticky or leaves a film.

4. Choose a cleaning solution: a non-toxic, biodegradable cleanser (like Simple Green), can be used. 

When prepared with the right amount of water, these cleansers are safe and effective for epoxy Countertops. 

5. Maximum temperature limits Epoxy countertops.

-Dry heat 110º C (230º F) 

-Spills 66º C (150º F)

6. We recommend using hot pads/coasters for coffee mugs, hot pans, pots, etc.   


We provide a 3-year warranty on workmanship, fade, and peel. Warranty does not cover wear and tear. In the case of uncertainty, please forward some pictures by email for a free evaluation. We will do our best to fix the issues not covered by the warranty for a very nominal fee.